So… it always feels to me as though autumn is one of those pivotal seasons for writing.

I really, REALLY want to get stuff finished or at least, the shitty first draft finished, before the Christmas break.

In theory, this is because I think:

a) I will let it rest, like a turkey when the oven has been turned off, and it will continue to cook all by itself


b) I’ll get a break from it and come back to it with wonderful, fresh, January eyes on it.

So that would give me approximately 4 weeks then. ARRGGHHH.

Seriously, I think there’s something in the seasonal approach, though. If autumn is a time to get things finished, and winter is a bit of hibernation to let things percolate, then spring would be the time to be up and at em, with renewed vigour and rigour as the buds burst, right?

Summer… well, that’s a bit of a write-off, literally, really, for the obvious reasons of:



heat melting the writing and editing brain

and…. sand in the keyboard. I dunno. It seems like a good enough shape to me. Happy autumnal writing and editing for those of you working seasonally.

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